[sdiy] ASM-1 project <<<<<help!

Tom May tom at tommay.net
Wed Jun 5 00:40:24 CEST 2002

Here's a Mouser list:



Beer420 <beer420 at mac.com> writes:

> Hello list.
> I have begun the ASM-1 project recently, but I think I will need some help.
> My knowledge of components is very limited, and after spending some time
> with the schematics, the parts list and a mouser/digikey catalog, I decided
> I needed some help. I'm still learning about electronics, so I'm a newbie.
> For example, the op amp: TL082 in the catalog, there are a few different
> versions of it ending with different letters, I have no clue as to which one
> to order. Also, on the ASM-1 page
> ( http://home.swipnet.se/cfmd/synths/friends/stopp/ ) there are some helpful
> pictures of the individual "modules" on the PCB board, (which are helpful
> for me to identify the chips), but even there, the builder uses different
> versions of the same chip in different "modules" <<e.g. The silver chip in
> the VCA...>>>
> If anyone is bored enough to take a look at the list of components for the
> ASM-1 and email me a corresponding part #'s for mouser or digikey???
> I'm not being lazy, I tried for a few hours to figure this out... But I
> can't learn electronic component selection that fast. For the help, I would
> be happy to provide a gift (surprise), naked pics of my robot, or some Emax
> parts. 
> Thanks!!!
> -Pete
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