[sdiy] PCB designing software

Sowa Roman Roman.Sowa at upc.com.pl
Tue Jun 4 09:57:42 CEST 2002

I'm using old DOS version of Protel Autotrax. It's IMHO
the fastest way to make PCBs. No bugs, It never crashed
during like 10 years. Even when I downgraded my PC from
DOS to W98, I still use it in DOS window (or full screen
EasyTrax is reduced in features, but still very good for
everyday use (who uses PCB software everyday except geeks?)
and it's free!

Windows version 2.7 as Jim mentioned seems to be good too.
My PCB fab highly recommends using this version when ordering
boards. As for version 3, they don't want to accept PCB
files from that unless you really insist.


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__"maxpowa.telenet.be" wrote:
__> Hey,
__> Just was wondering what software y'all use to design PCBs
__> I'm currently using Cadsoft Eagle, but I want to know if 
__there are any more
__> powerfull packages out there (and don't say Protel, I tried 
__their demo,
__> software has glitches, bug and just feels to bloated or how 
__do you say it)
__    Actually, the earlier versions of Protel are pretty nice, 
__and relatively
__bug free.  Version 2.8 is where I stopped upgrading, and I 
__use Version 2.7
__(Version 2.7, IMHO, had the fewest bugs).  Version 3 was 
__pretty awful, and it
__only got worse.
__    For Schematic Capture, I am using Orcad Version 9.2.
__    For those who are still into DOS, I have a copy of the 
__old Protel Autotrax,
__which was also a very nice piece of software, if you like 
__DOS, that is.
__    -Jim
__> Thanks in advance,
__> Steven
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