[sdiy] Tiny Telephone patch cords?

Byron G. Jacquot thescum at surfree.com
Tue Jun 4 04:51:50 CEST 2002

>I'm looking for a supplier or Tiny-Telephone (AKA Bantam) TRS patch
>cables. I know these are used in some audio patching situations.
>I could make my own if they were for me, but I need them for a
>customer and I need 1000 pieces.

You might just call Neutrik, and see if they'll point you at a dealer.  They
make my favorite TT ends, and I think they do premade cables as well.  The
connectors are pretty solid, and are nickel plated, so they don't tarnish as

These guys sell 'em.

The Mogami ones might be OK, but I've never used them.  

On the other end of the spectrum are the ADC and Hosa cables with the molded
ends.  The Hosa ones come something like 5 for $18...www.hosatech.com

A few of more generic dealers who probably have TT cables:

Byron Jacquot

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