Macintosh PCB Software FREE Re: [sdiy] Schematic to PCBproblems

Joshua Stephen Landau jslandau at
Tue Jun 4 05:57:34 CEST 2002

Speaking for myself, there's at least one beginner who would be *very*
interested in routing lessons.  Sad truth is, at least at UMich, they no
longer teach PCB design to their electrical students.  So any help that
can offered, general practice, tips, design theory, etc, would be much
appreciated.  If I'm the only one, offlist is fine, but I suspect others
on the list would benefit greatly.


> There are  lots of people on this list who could probably help you get started
> in manual routing.  Start with some really simple project to get the idea. Then
> if
> you want to get an autorouter you'll be better equipped to deal with it. I can
> give you some tips if you like (offlist) or if there are other beginners we
> could do a bit
> of an onlist class.  It would probably benefit a lot of folks out there...

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