[sdiy] FS: Elektor Vocoder PCB Set

Kirke Sonnichsen kirke at lmi.net
Sat Jun 1 21:47:47 CEST 2002

14 printed circut boards from Elektor Print Service that
accompany the January-February 1980 DIY Vocoder articles.
It's a patchable, 10 band - 24db/oct filter type, designed
in collaboration with Synton of Holland. Zipped scans of
the articles are here:


A file containing the text (only) of the articles is here:


This is a big project, definitely not for a beginner. The
individual chanel pcb's are cleverly designed so the 1st
(lowpass) and 10th (hipass) channels use the the same pcb
layout as the other 8 (bandpass); special care must taken
when inserting many of the resistors & capcitors in those
two as they won't match the legending on the pcb (that's
how they achive the 3 different filter types with 1 pcb

I'll include copies of the 2 articles (actually, 1 "reprint"
from Elektor and 1 magazine) and a couple of rails of TL084s
to get you started (you can see how far I got!)

$200 plus shipping from California.

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