[sdiy] DIY Drums

Peter Snow psnow at magma.ca
Tue Jun 4 02:13:46 CEST 2002

Hi Linium,

Try this: 


If it is not exactly what you want I'm sure it can be hacked/added to.



Linium wrote:
> Hello,
> Now that my MCU ATS904434 can send bytes to my computer thru RS232 i want to
> build a DIY Drums trigger box with some piezo sensors. My aim is to have the
> computer play some drums samples.
> I am confident about writing the code for the multiplex builtin ADC but i
> don't know yet how to build the electronic part between the piezo and the MCU.
> I bet it should'n be that hard :)
> Does someone know how to deals with this kind of sensor ?
> I don't know how to limit the voltage since i read in the archive that the
> output voltage can be very high when you hit hard the pad (which contains the
> piezo thing), so any help welcome about this.
> Next, do you thing that once the wave is half-rectified with a diode i need
> to buffer it with a caps so that the MCU can read it, or should i write some
> asm code instead to keep the highest sampled value in a window time and send
> it to the computer ?
> Well as you see i am still roaming in the no man's land of possibilities...
> Thx for ur attention !
> Linium

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