[sdiy] PCB designing software

Brock Russell brockr0 at shaw.ca
Tue Jun 4 00:48:54 CEST 2002

>Just was wondering what software y'all use to design PCBs
>I'm currently using Cadsoft Eagle, but I want to know if there are any more
>powerfull packages out there (and don't say Protel, I tried their demo,
>software has glitches, bug and just feels to bloated or how do you say it)
>Thanks in advance,

Hey Steven,

What problems did you find with Protel? I'm a Protel user and I know
there are very few bugs in the current release. The Protel Users group
has only 37 bugs in the current bug list and none of them are really
serious, most belong in the nuisance category.

Bloated? Depends on  your point of view. The Proteus gave a list of
the other main packages and I have tried all of them except Allegro-
I've never worked for a company that could afford it, let alone buy it
myself - and they all suffer from feature-itis. With the exception of
P-CAD which seems targeted to pcb design houses and mass
production users, they seem to want to be all things to all users,
so they have a gazillion options.

What are you looking for that is not in Eagle? Last time I used it I
thought it was a pretty solid little package. The smaller versions
are certainly limited but it seems to me you have to spend a large
amount of money to get to the next level of design package and if
it is primarily for doing single and double sided audio and low
speed digital boards and you are not making money with it, it may
not be worth it.


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