[sdiy] Schematic to PCB problems

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Subject: [sdiy] Schematic to PCB problems

> Any suggestions on how to go about with this?
> I've uploaded the schematic here:
>  http://home.c2i.net/st_hallvard/test_oscillator.jpg

If I was you, I would try Cadsoft Eagle, they have a free version that can
do PCBs up to half a euro-card in size, which should be plenty for this
application. The program is One of the most easy ones to learn to use. They
offer support to any user (also of the free version, which is a rarity) in
the form of a dedicated news-server where the programmers of the software as
well as users can help you out (and they do just that). Try it, it has a
nice autorouter that will place wirebridges and all that.

URL = http://www.cadsoft.de

In the freeware section You'll find windows & linux versions in english and

Hope it's of any help to you,

> Hallvard
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