[sdiy] Schematic to PCB problems

Hallvard Tangeraas northstar2010 at yahoo.no
Mon Jun 3 19:05:17 CEST 2002

I'm trying to finalize my ETI vocoder which I've mentioned here several
times in the past, and to do that I need to build a test-oscillator which
is described in the instructions.

The problem is that unlike all the other circuits, this one only has a
schematic, and not a complete PCB layout.
It's a small and simple circuit, but since I don't have any experience in
creating a circuit board out of a schematic I'm struggling quite a bit. The
problem of course is to design it in practical manner to take as little
space as possible, with as few "bridges" as possible etc.

I've tried to do this on paper, but so far I haven't found any good
solutions. I currently don't have any equipment for etching PCBs, so I was
thinking of building it using a "strip" type PCB. Still, a proper circuit
board layout would be nice as I plan to document the whole building
procedure of the vocoder when done.

Any suggestions on how to go about with this?
I've uploaded the schematic here:


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