[sdiy] Poly-800 Memory problems

Rude 66 r.lekx at chello.nl
Wed Jul 31 21:32:34 CEST 2002

it still sounds like the battery to me. my crumar bit one keyboard did
exactly the same thing.. impossible values. cool thing was it also tried to
act out those values, resulting in very, very weird sounds. sometimes you
could make a track with just the different sounds under various keys.
weird.. changing the internal battery changed that.

my backup solution is an alesis datadisk. i've had it with beeeeeeeeeeepp
krrrrggggggggg type backup. too many times i stood sweating onstage, when
the mmt8 crashed 5 minuted before 'showtime' and it errored out on song 98.
even with a cd player with the burned .wav file on it. . bah! or at least
dump it as sysex via midi into a pc sequerncer and save it as midi file..


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> At 04:23 PM 7/31/02 +0100, Chris Crosskey wrote:
> >It might still be the batteries....I seem to remember mine being pretty
> >on batteries....Back up via the tape interface to MP3 (or an 8-bit mono
> >22kHz WAV)....assuming you use a PC, Mac, Atari Falcon, Big-bore Amiga,
> >BeBOX or hard-disk recorder.....YOu'll find you should be able to get the
> >whole lot onto a floppy disk as a back-up, though I'd save onto MO....but
> >then I'm paranoid....
> Just to add another form of backup...
> I find it really easy to backup to my sampler.  Record an 8 bit mono 22kHz
> sample.  Set it up as a "1-shot" event when you play it back to restore
> your presets.  I have a special folder on my samplers HD for my MMT-8 and
> Polysix backup files.  I don't use my computer for audio, so I find this
> more convenient
> Dave Magnuson
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