[sdiy] Attn Theremin lovers! [part deux]

Terrence McWee mcwee at m-net.arbornet.org
Wed Jul 24 08:16:03 CEST 2002

>> Could I begin a Theremin part so that the player sounds an exact pitch
>> (example: a D#)?
> I was thinking about exactly this problem on my drive in to work this
> morning.
> I read that theremins are difficult to play because the player needs to 
> have
> very precise pitch.
> I dont know if it would ruin the theremin playing style, but it seems 
> to me
> that it be easy enough to run the theremin pitch CV (I am assuming the 
> dual
> CV out digital theremin) through a quantizer. This should make it 
> easier to
> hit the right notes. A lag processor would then add the desired ammount 
> of
> legato.
> It would also help if you came up with some way to cue the instrument 
> (pre
> vca?) on headphones or a monitor. Or perhaps a second headphone out VCA
> where 0V still lets a little signal through? The latter would allow the
> player to still hear dynamics in their performance.

Here's a mod to accomplish just this on the PAiA Theremax (an affordable 
theremin option, and fun to build.)



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