[sdiy] frequency shifters...

jhaible jhaible at debitel.net
Mon Jul 22 02:29:57 CEST 2002

> Well, I guess my tastes are crap then!

Not at all. It speaks for the artist when he can even create something of
from ... junk. And there are applications where bleedthru and a limited
range really don't matter. However, the most interesting applications for
a FS are just where the Doepfer cannot go, IMO. If you have played with
both, a good one and a Doepfer one, you will know the difference.
It's not like a little bit of more noise or less noise as it would be on a
VCA - it's an entirely different device.

Just to name one example:
There is a patent from Bob Moog which describes an interesting Frequency
Shifter application, using an additional all pass filter and a frequency
shift of approx. 1Hz. It's one of the sweetest things you can do with a FS.
Now try this on a Doepfer (;->).

More about it in the archives. *Really*.


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