[sdiy] Secret Polysix LEDs

Jeffrey D. McEachin jdm at synthcom.com
Sat Jul 20 07:17:43 CEST 2002

At 10:14 PM 7/19/02 +0100, Keith Winstanley wrote:
>Just found the secret voice channel LEDs on my Polysix...
>...and spent far too much time staring at them with an arpeggio running.

The Europa upgrade for the JP6 does the same thing, only on the front panel using the LEDs on the A-F buttons.  I added it for debugging purposes while writing the voice assignment code, because it is easier to see than hear what order the voices are assigned in.  We found it so entertaining that we decided to leave it in as a feature (which can be toggled on & off, of course).

I'm surprised more analog polysynths don't have this feature.


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