[sdiy] VC variable bit-rate audio digitizer? help!

Jay Schwichtenberg jays at aracnet.com
Thu Jul 18 16:41:33 CEST 2002

By using an audio CODEC (less than $5) and a PIC (or any other high speed
uC) you could do this easily. With a PIC or uC there would be a lot of
software work involved. A low end DSP could handle this too. One with a I2S
interface (standard audio ADC/DAC interface) would make the job easy.

There are a few issues.

First the PCB would have to be done and done right. Mixing analog and
digital stuff on a board and getting high quality audio out can be a pain.

Next use multi bit audio converters. They are more tolerant to clock jitter
and IMHO sound better (ie more transparent).

Get the converter clocking as tight as you can get it. Converters are pretty
sensitive to clocking/timing deviations.


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> okay, for those not on AH, i brought this up recently
> to general confusion and babble about digital "crust"?
> the suggestions to nab a blacet/wiard miniwave have
> been noted, and in time i will DEFNITLY be getting
> one.
> however, in the meantime, i would again like to ask
> for the help of anyone proficient enough in
> electronics to assist me in designing this:
> a module with one audio in, one audio out.  CV in, and
> a manual knob to attenuate.  the function being a
> fully adjustable audio digitizer from 16 to 1 bits
> (higher than 16 is okay if price can be kept down, but
> nothing lower).
> now, im just a moron who has only assembled a paia
> modular and some crappy stompboxes, but im assuming it
> would only need to be an AD/DA converter with voltage
> control.  of course the chips dont appear to be cheap.
>  easier said than done?  why dont you help me and find
> out?
> >> but i would like a bunch of these, maybe battery
> >> powered stompbox style, and simple 1 space rack
> >> modules.  any EEs want to collaborate on a project
> >i can't help with the design, but yes, I want a few
> >of these boxes too!
> >best,
> >phil
> there is already an interested consumer market of two!
>  he hee
> thanks all!
> seth
> denshiblocks at yahoo.com
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