[sdiy] Keyboard Connections

greg montalbano greg.montalbano at ucop.edu
Tue Jul 9 00:27:31 CEST 2002

At 04:28 PM 7/8/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Okay, I've got myself an old Thomas organ (lemme tell you, if you've
>got a forklift or a few strong men and a Huge-Backed Truck you can
>pick up an organ real cheap or even free in the classifieds!) whose
>manuals ("keyboards") have a bit of an issue.
>I've opened it up, and it has a (what i believe to be called) matrix
>type action, where pressing a key moves a little metal wire which
>touches a grid. I'm assuming that in the twenty years (!) that it was
>not often played, some dust and 'crud' accumulated there. The only
>problem is that this 'matrix' is directly over the sound-generation
>circuitry, and if i spray contact-cleaner there (my first idea) it
>will drip onto the components. Since you guys seem to do a good job
>self-repairing old synths, perhaps you have had to deal with this
>issue? What do you recommend? Is this even the correct means of
>tackling this issue?

The best methods of keyboard cleaning all require removal of the keyboard 
assembly -- if this is at all possible with your machine, it should be your 
first step.

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