[sdiy] Broken Crimper...

Theo t.hogers at home.nl
Mon Jul 8 02:30:41 CEST 2002

Nah, your interpertation almost sounds like a fair deal,
therefore you can't be right ;^p

Probably its the lifetime of the same item that the lifetime grantee applies
If it breaks apparently the lifetime has ended...


From: Andre Majorel <amajorel at teaser.fr>

> On 2002-07-07 18:38 -0400, harry wrote:
> > Yes... its "lifetime warranty"  (in english)
> >
> > but WHOSE lifetime ?
> >
> > Lifetime of the user ? Original Purchaser ?  Lifetime of some
> > small invertabrate sea creature ?  Lifetime of the Tool itself ?
> I've often asked myself the same question. :-) I guess it's the
> lifetime of the original purchaser, the idea being that what you
> really buy is not a specific gadget, but the use of said gadget
> for the rest of your days. I.e. you buy the function, not the
> actual device. But IANAL and all that.
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