[sdiy] MOSFET

Takuya KATAYAMA cxh02175 at nifty.com
Sun Jul 7 00:07:31 CEST 2002

Hello All,

The answer is YES.

See any ID-VGS curve, curves with various VDS are on it.
Strictly saying, FETs' D-S are nonlinear resistor.

Takuya "PATA" Katayama at Muse Music Synthesizer Lab., Japan

music.maker at gte.net wrote:

><non EE question mode>
>Is there a drain-source resistance dependence on Vdd?  I.e.,
>given a constant gate voltage (with respect to the source)
>and constant Vss if Vdd changes does the drain to source
>resistance change?
></non EE question mode>
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