[sdiy] Blacet Mixer, Frac, Midi Darkstar All SOLD Thanks!

Cynthia Webster cynthia.webster at gte.net
Wed Aug 28 02:29:35 CEST 2002

Thanks Everybody They're all sold!

Gone! (Like lightning)!

BTW, Anyone interested in Custom Modcan Modules should contact me...



Subject: Blacet Mixer Processor, Frac Rac, Midi Darkstar for Sale

Hi Gang!

Some goodies for sale before they hit eBay,
Paypal to cynthia.webster at gte.net
free US Shipping, thanks!

One fully assembled Blacet 2040 Mixer / Processor Module
(choice of either standard Miniphone or Banana Jacks)
with fully assembled minty PAIA Frac-Rac enclosure with Top & Bottom Panels
and itsy bitsy line-lump type Power Supply, enough for a few modules...




Redsound Ltd. DarkStar Analog Modeling Midi Synthesizer
(Minty with Box and Manual)

$ 200.00




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