[sdiy] Rogers Glockenspiel

patchell patchell at silcom.com
Sat Aug 31 23:02:43 CEST 2002

    I decided today to work on my Rogers Glockenspiel.

    There is a picture of it at the bottom of this page:


    However, be forwarned, this page takes a little bit of time via a
modem since it has a lot of pictures on it.

    Anyway, today when I went to fix the bugs in the firmware, I was
shocked to learn that the compiler I have will no longer compile the
code.  It was originally written with a K&R complient C compiler (back
in 1992), and the compiler has evolved a bit, since it is now an ANSI
C++ compiler...it wasn't very happy.  So, I decided to start all over.
I am using a RTOS that I wrote (for the 68K), just for the heck of it.
I was rather suprised when the first rom image I burned actually flashed
the lights they way it was supposed to (this was done in a little task
so I would know that the multi tasking was running).

    Anyway, time for old farts to take a nap...I will write the midi
code this evening.

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