[sdiy] Re: synth parts auction

J. Larry Hendry jlarryh at iquest.net
Sat Aug 31 21:18:57 CEST 2002

I did order some parts for my Roland keyboards from the guy selling them on
e-bay. Seller - chipforbrains (145)

There was some concern on the list that this person might be Q Fulsom who
has apparently not delivered some prepaid parts to people here before. I
think everyone saw my private mail to QF that was forwarded to the list
(which I think is totally rude).  While I did not get an answer to question
(are you the same person), I can report the actual facts that my parts were
delivered almost instantly FWIW.

Larry Hendry

----- Original Message ----- 
> > Don't bother -
> > That's Quinton Fulsom.  He still owes me (and many others) for items
> > paid for but never received.
> >
> > He's gone through several ebay IDs and this is one of the few that he's
> > using right now.

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