[sdiy] Keyboard Lag

andrew andrew at ftg.co.uk
Tue Aug 27 10:15:42 CEST 2002

You can hear and feel 3ms lag??


Thats about the time it takes for the sound to get from your speakers to 
your ears!!


On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Joe Kramer wrote:

-> Hi Friends,
->     What is considered the maximum tolerable lag time for a keyboard in
-> milliseconds?  Being a guitarist (please go easy on me Batz--at least I can
-> build and fix my own pedals), I am accustomed to no lag at all, and am
-> sensitive to it whenever I play midi/keyboard intruments.  Previous discussions
-> of the DX7II's mushy response led me to measure what I felt was a distinct lag
-> on my little PSS-460.  By simultaneously recording a direct signal and the
-> mic'ed keys into a computer, I was able to view the lag time clearly--about
-> 3ms!  Trying this same test with an analog keyboard (MS20), the lag was about
-> half that, at 1.7ms.  I am expecting the schematics for the PSS-460 any day
-> now, and would like to look into fixing the lag (I love the sound and
-> simplicity of this thing), maybe by upgrading the processor that handles the
-> keyboard signals. . . .  Is it possible?  Thanks.
-> Regards,
-> Joe Kramer

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