[sdiy] JamBox2

Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Wed Aug 28 18:40:17 CEST 2002

Y-ellow All.
         Ok here's another item that has surfaced from my ever growing pile 
of junk. A Southworth JamBox2. Anyone have the good oil on this thing? I 
can find sod-all about it on the net. Except that it was apparently the 
predecessor to the MOTU MIDI timepeice and later, the MOTU XT MIDI box 
thing. Which I also have.

The latter does SMPTE and all that, though to date I've not needed to use 
it. The days of needing tape sync are well and truly passed for me I think. 
However this JamBox thing has 2 MIDI ins. It doesn't appear to have any 
switching between them so I was wondering, nay hoping, this box might do 
MIDI merging?

As for what else it might do I can only guess. What ever it's modes are and 
why it might have a "Protect/save" button, is anyone's guess. But if it 
could merge then this would be mighty useful. Or if it had any other 
redeeming features. Actually the box is as ugly as sin IMHO. It was made in 
the days when they use to put their CAD monitors stacked on top of old 
phone box and tilted at odd angles. Because all the buttons are on about a 
45 degree slant. I hate that! Why did they do that? What smart ass decided 
that actually looked good. It looks like the designer was drunk!

The buttons are designed to cradle the finger tips. The only fingers I've 
seen that are bent on a 45 degree angle like that are arthritic ones. Not 
only that but the buttons are on the top toward the back. While the LED 
indicators are on the front where you can't see them if you're looking down 
at the top. You'd have to lift the thing up to check if you'd pressed the 
right button. If you wanted to stash this in your installation it'd be a 
tough call. See the LEDs or operate the buttons. You can't have both. These 
things should serve as a lesson to us all in how not to design things.

But I digress. Anyway if anyone knows anything about this box or where I 
might source such information, I'd appreciate a tingle please. Off-list if 
this is going to be off-topic or something.

Thanks in advance.

Be absolutely Icebox.

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