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Marc Bareille m.bareille at free.fr
Tue Aug 27 00:53:14 CEST 2002

Hi Ken

Thanks for you answers and your great site !  I remind well your nice VCF with
"wood" front panel, that impressed me a lot by the time. Now your site has grown a

> Re Tube VCF
> >I think i have probably too much signal on feedback path.It oscillate very
> >quickly and the range of the resonance pot is rather short compared to what
> >i heard in your mp3 file probably due to my modifications  for CV control ...
> Mine is rather wild too. Resonance kicks in at 12 o'clock and beyond that,
> things get chaotic, with period doubling etc. I wouldn't change it for the
> world.

Me too :)

> I often drive the cutoff frequency with a joystick.

I drive the cutoff  of the filter with  MIDI  Wheel  ( ctrl 1) There is a mod knob
+ switch to select EG or LFO modulation , in pure Phattytron spirit., and finaly
i have placed a vcf CV input jack on rear panel , in case of....
The resonance can be modulated too by LFO or EG or external jack...Curiously the
time response is lower than for the cutoff who his opticaly controled...

Best Regards

Marc B.

> Ken
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