[sdiy] Dewar's Profiles of Synth Nuts

Grant Richter grichter at asapnet.net
Sun Aug 25 21:09:09 CEST 2002

A little humor, can you say right brain/left brain?

NAME: Precision A. Perfect
EDUCATION: BSEE with minor in music
WORLD VIEW: Sees mathematical functions as divine perfection unobtainable
because of ever present darn pesky thermal noise. The way to make the best
sounding synthesizer is to make functions as close to mathematically perfect
as possible.
LIKES: Signal, the more perfect the better.
DISLIKES: Noise and noise generators, I busted my ass to get the noise out
of the system, why the hell would I deliberately introduce a noise module!!!
What about coupling through the power supply rails???
QUOTATIONS CITED: Engineering, mathematics
SCOTCH: Dewar's on rocks

NAME: Zen A. Buddhist
EDUCATION: Music theory with minor in electronic engineering
WORLD VIEW: Sees mathematical perfection as clinical and sterile. Considers
music and sound in regards to biological evolution with the imperfect human
voice as primary model. The way to make the best sounding synthesizer is to
understand traditional musical instruments and their imperfections.
LIKES: Wabi, some amount of noise desirable to keep warmth of signal. Signal
and control sources based on elaborate noise processing considered
DISLIKES: Excess emphasis on technical perfection over creative and
imaginative design.
QUOTATIONS CITED: Biology, physiology
MEASURES INFORMATION CONTENT BY: BPS = Bandwidth * 3.32 * log(S+N/0)
SCOTCH: Dewar's neat with water back

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