[sdiy] Re: [AH] Robbed while on vaca

Peter Grenader petergrenader at mksound.com
Sun Aug 25 18:59:18 CEST 2002

Also sorry to hear this.

Obviously, it seems like your roommate is the cause of this, either that or
he was kidnapped by the thiefs which seems unlikely.  As it's probably well
past in the US what they consider grand theft it carries some hefty jail
time - he was a stupid roommate indeed.

I can't understand why someone would risk this unless they were intending on
leaving the country for good afterward, which seems like an even stupider
move over what it was he stole.

Not to worry, he will be found.  If he's so lame  to rip off his roommate he
will make other mistakes.  They will track him down.

In the meanwhile I'm real sorry to hear this.

Peter Grenader

on 8/25/02 8:55 AM, ::) at r3dshift at chartermi.net wrote:

> Im sorry to hear this....  :(
> if you catch up with your roommate, i would leave him where you find him.
> -Joe
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> Subject: [AH] Robbed while on vaca
>> I just returned from vacation in New Brunswick and discovered that all of
> my personal items were thrown on the side of my apt building.  My roomate
> was nowhere to be found and $3000+ of guitar and synth equipment was stolen.
> If anyone that I'm trading with currently would like to see a police report
> or an itemized list of the missing items... I would be glad to snail mail or
> email them.
>> The only music equipment I have left are two wa wa s and a broken stereo
> chorus (ok and parts of a leslie).
>> Anyone that I owe money or goods to will be taken care of shortly.
>> Nick Pelkey
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