[sdiy] Linear FM concept again

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Sat Aug 24 14:49:14 CEST 2002

Thank you, John.

So you're saying "really - just try it!".  I figured there must be
some difference between doing an LFO modulation and audio freq
modulation, I just can't figure out why there is.  I think then that I
need to build and play around and experience.

Knowing this simplifies what I want to do.  I already assumed a
capacitively coupled (or +/- sym.) modulation source, so thanks for
that affirmation.

What about using noise as the modulation source?  Would a constant
level of noise modulation allow those ghosty noise melodies?  

John Blacet <john at blacet.com> wrote:
>It seems as though linear VCO modulation is primarily used with AUDIO
>range frequencies to get complex waveforms. Audio FM, especially if
>symmetrical +/- or capacitively coupled, produces negligible pitch
>shift. Audio FM through the exponential input produces a lot of pitch
>John Blacet
>Blacet Research

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