[sdiy] Mr. Terrebone your comments

cyborgzero at comcast.net cyborgzero at comcast.net
Sat Aug 24 07:32:06 CEST 2002

> BUT STOP affecting innocent people who get the butt end of your
crying game
> over a piece of gear you were too lazy to honor your bid on.
> Q. Fulsom

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oh that alliteration is just hilarious! hahaha!

butt end of your crying game hahahahahaa!

Oh, jesus, let me wipe my eyes.. LOL..


All this was worth it just for that..

But, u know, you are still named after two prisons (San Quentin and
Fulsom)  ;)

Oh crap it just doesn't stop! hahaha.. butt end of crying game from
San quentin and fulsom hahaahah!!!

Oh jesus.. LOL! make it stop..

I gotta get out more. ;)

Sorry, I hate to make light of it, but I take what I can get, you
know!?!?  ;)


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