[sdiy] Mr. Terrebone your comments

Quinton Fulsom synthstuff at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 24 05:07:43 CEST 2002

Doug and others.

I would like to comment here briefly as I am not looking for arguments etc.
Firstly you are slandering the possesor of whom purchased right and stock 
from me.
I'm pretty laid back (maybe too much sometimes) but I am advising some of 
you to watch it please.

Secondly, Doug, If you are so willing to help why dont you return my parts 
that were not returned as agreed and I can support or pay for them, now over 
4 months.

The total is $32.  This is exluding the fees to ebay that I had to pay for 
your unpaid auctions.  I don't care I don't have time for going back on it 
and figuring it all but I will if you keep on crying and post everything 
Doug.  I'm serious.

Otherwise I would be glad to post all of our emails that detail your enraged 
tantrum because after I offered to drive 6 hours to your place to deliver 
something (for $25 to rent a car) after the auction was past-due in payment 
you declined and didn't get what you wanted.
I then returned the parts on loan for a plastics run that you have halted 
and you did not return my loaner parts.

It is in the past which you have NO REASON to complain about anything.  
Especially since NONE of your bids you NEVER paid for anything.

So now, you have my parts and people like yourself that could have had 
replacement parts are waiting for this plastic run to finish.
And by your comments that you are adding are NOT helping.

Stop being so selfish please and stop living in the past over something so 
ridiculous.  But that may be the wrong thing to say in this group.
You caused problems and are continuing to do so for me.  That is fine okay.

BUT STOP affecting innocent people who get the butt end of your crying game 
over a piece of gear you were too lazy to honor your bid on.

Q. Fulsom

>From: Doug Terrebonne <bigfootstudios at yahoo.com>
>To: Tim Curtis <sexsymbol at execpc.com>, synth-diy at dropmix.xs4all.nl
>Subject: Re: [sdiy] Re: [AH] synth parts auction
>Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 18:15:05 -0700 (PDT)
>His auctions may say he's in OKC but the address I have for him is in the 
>area... Did he give you the story about how he had to "go to China for a 
>and didn't know when he'd be back?
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