[sdiy] Tube Synth web page update

papareil m.bareille at free.fr
Sat Aug 24 04:20:02 CEST 2002

Hi Eric

> Marc--thanks for trying tubes!

It is  really a pleasure to "play" with tubes and i love the challenge !
Now i am thinking about a modular ...

> Your synth looks great--I like the EM81 eye tube.
> (perhaps I should add an eye-tube module to
> our product line....eventually--wish I could find out if
> anyone out there wants eye tubes in their
> modular synth....)

May be a good idea, but are they still produced?
The only one i have are "vintages" ...I have started a collection...Anyway
they are Magic !

> It sounds totally different from solid-state, doesn't it?

Absolutly :) Tube synth sound is very different from solid state. It is
exactly  the kind of sound i love and i was looking for ! Fat,dense, a real
character who make those modules inimitable :)  I love the increasing
amount of distorsion when the VCA is close to mute position. The VCO sweepy
response, and the waveform morphing from square (lo pitch) to saw/tri (hi
pitch) is great  !

Thanks !

Best Regards

Marc B.

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