[sdiy] Re: [AH] synth parts auction

Tim Curtis sexsymbol at execpc.com
Sat Aug 24 02:53:48 CEST 2002

Forgetful?  Perhaps.  But when it takes MONTHS to even respond to 
someone's frequent email reminders, it's beyond forgetfulness.

The only way I could get a response from this guy was through threats of 
police involvement.  Still nothing, however.

Fortunately, I'm going to be in Oklahoma City soon.  Time to look him up 
in person.

Anyone want his home address and phone number?  :-)  I'll be happy to 
post it here.


Dan Gendreau wrote:

>Tim Curtis Wrote:
>>Don't bother -
>>That's Quinton Fulsom.  He still owes me (and many others) for items
>>paid for but never received.
>>He's gone through several ebay IDs and this is one of the few that he's
>>using right now.  Why is he using more than one?  Probably so he can
>>still have an active one while the others are being closed down due to
>>ripping people off.
>>Just a hunch, though.
>Thats odd... I just bought a set of TR606 parts from this seller last month.
>I received the parts in a week. And his feedback profile has over 160
>positives and no negatives.
>Anyway, After reviewing all the on-list drama concerning Quinton, I would
>still give him a chance.
>It does sound like he is a bit forgetful though.
>-Dan Gendreau

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