[sdiy] circuit bending a yamaha fm piano question

Peter Blackett dragon.servicing at virgin.net
Fri Aug 23 09:27:48 CEST 2002

just thought I would let you know that I've now looked at the info in
the voice rom for the Yamaha pf15 piano .
most of the eprom is blank ! 
but the data for the 10 preset voices is there in blocks of 64 bytes .
unfortunately the service manual doesn't tell you what each byte does .
I can tell that there are two operator ic's so maybe each sound is a
combination of two different sounds .But I don't know if the Fm
generation is either 4 or 6 operator.
putting in a Oberheim test rom [ happened to be the same eprom size ]
gave mostly silence , but did give some organ like sounds .
I got the idea to try other eproms from Marjan, who had done simialr
things with an Oberheim drum machine.
[the original sounds are only piano like instruments ].
anyone know if there is an easy way to know which function each of the
64 data bytes does ?anyone want a copy of the voice eprom data ?
regards Peter

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