[sdiy] Tube Synth web page update

Tom May tom at tommay.net
Fri Aug 23 08:10:10 CEST 2002

metasonix at earthlink.net writes:

> >It took me more than 3 month to produce pictures of my tube synth
> >based on Eric Barbour (for VCO/VCA) and Rene Schmitz (for the S&K >VCF)
> schematics but i finaly find a way ... 
> Marc--thanks for trying tubes!
> Your synth looks great--I like the EM81 eye tube.
> (perhaps I should add an eye-tube module to 
> our product line....eventually--wish I could find out if
> anyone out there wants eye tubes in their
> modular synth....)

Hell yes.  When I built my tube LFO (like your phase-shift oscillator
design from long ago, only using a dual pot to control the frequency
to get more range), I put the 6AF6-G eye tube in like you did, and
people loved to watch it even though the LFO wasn't even controlling
anything.  And sadly, still isn't; I had kids and got a "real job" and
haven't had time for the tubes.  Maybe in a few years.


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