[sdiy] Alex sings Geddy with formant envelope synthesis?

Marc Jordan MJordan at SigmaTel.com
Fri Aug 23 02:13:20 CEST 2002

Yah, but for most songs they don't use a click track and he definitely
wasn't using the click track on the new songs.  Unless he's using a fancy,
new-fangled ear phone that you can't see.  On previous tours he definitely
used the phones on Red Sector A because that bass part is nothing but loops.
They played that one on this tour but I didn't notice if he was wearing

On the latest Tool tour they had a lot of video sync'd up to the music and
the drummer definitely wasn't wearing phones.  I suspect that they had a
midi trigger connected to the kick drum or something and it was driving the
video.  Either that or somebody was controlling the timing at the sound
board.  They're really doing some cool stuff these days at the big shows.

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At 10:21 AM 8/22/02 -0500, Marc Jordan wrote:
>Hunh.  Then why would he act like he's singing at the same time?  Alex is
>quite squirrelly so maybe he was just goofing around.  Or maybe he was
>the pedals for some articulation param?  The harmony was in tune/time, and
>using fixed-pitch/length sample triggers could possibly give you bad

On previous Rush tours (didn't see this one), Neil Peart wears headphones
for a click track.  This keeps all the video and audio sequences lined up
with the performance through out the show.  I bet they use *alot* of fixed
pitch and length samples... should work well since the band is playing to a
click track.

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