[sdiy] The story on copyrights (was: new CD / copyright for cover art)

Machinerygod machinerygod at prism.net
Thu Aug 22 22:42:11 CEST 2002

But surely fair use enters the picture somewhere? Say I take some well
painting that's currently protected (mona lisa would be bad example
since it's PD already)
and do something to alter it in an editing program (put a different
face on it, write curse words all over it, cut it in pieces and
reassemble them in a different order etc, etc)

Essentially, to take the original and combine it with something else
to make a completely different point. Is this still a copyright
violation, and if so, why?

Say I redraw the entire thing from scratch in my own style, maybe
changing a few things along the way..how about then? Since you can do
this with PCB artwork, right?

Thursday, August 22, 2002, 6:36:58 AM, you wrote:

PG> Also, forget paintshop.  If you use the image you are infringing on
PG> copyrights whether you alter it or not.  The way the law reads, if a jury
PG> can, by reviewing a piece of art,  determine that it used another piece of
PG> art's idea, whether the original art was involved or not, you are infrigning
PG> on the concept.

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