[sdiy] Repairing the Serge, part 1: Cleaning flux

Jim Johnson jamos at technotoys.com
Thu Aug 22 21:23:54 CEST 2002

Well, I've had no luck selling my dying Serge; STS won't look at it because
it's too old (and even if they did they'd want my left nut in payment); and
a plan to have it repaired by a certain Aussie designer in exchange for
reverse-engineering access collapsed due to customs issues.

So I'm on me own, with no schematics (well, partial).

These boards are a rat's nest of point-to-point wiring, and both sides of
all boards are covered with orange crystals that I suspect are decades-old
flux. So my first step will be to clean this crap off, so that I can scan
the boards for possible reverse engineering or at least reference.

I'm planning to clean them by 1) scrubbing with a dremel tool with a
plastic brush; 2) dousing liberally with rosin flux remove, and 3) dousing
even more liberally with distilled water. 


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