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I somehow came across some pretty odd patents today accidentally when i was searching for info relating to taxing on things i order used from the states off ebay (if anybody knows if this is a mistake or why i end up paying tax on some things, I'd love to hear from you, sorry for the OT^2)

Anyways, I came across some great patents, some have real negative consequences, some are just ridiculous, of the former, amazon apparently has a patent on 1-click shopping, and has forced their competitors to add extra pointless steps to their online sales system.

Of the latter, there are patents on:
US5443036 Using a laser pointer to exercise a cat
US5649862 Having an enemy in a video game with the ability to attack while the player is in the process of inputting a command
US5965809 Determining bra size by direct measurement of the breast
US5993336 Wearing a knee-pad and executing a tennis stroke while the covered knee is on the tennis court surface, or just prior to the knee contacting the tennis court surface.

Those are all summaries, but i think they are pretty much accurate.
I can't link to the patent info since it's on delphion.com and requires registration to view. (and they charge you if you want to see the whole thing...grr)

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Y-ellow Terrence 'n' all.

At 08:38 AM 8/22/02 -0400, Terrence McWee wrote:

>PS: As an afterthought, it's a sad state of affairs that we've all
>become so legally gun-shy that we even think twice about putting an
>image that 1) belongs to the world and 2) is fundamental to the Western
>envisioning of Hell, to artistic use.

Or checking our own person as we step out into the world as to which bits 
of us are owned by which pharmaceutical company as they all dive in one big 
land grab to patent our very DNA.

Who in hell do you call as a witness to claim that your DNA is prior art?

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