[sdiy] Recommendations??

Petts, James (SEA) James.Petts at sea.celltechgroup.com
Thu Aug 22 17:20:52 CEST 2002

Hi All

I am about to revive one of my earlier interests, building electronic
kit, and I decided to take a hack at making a modular synth. I am a
competent builder, and I was wondering what recommendations people had
about various kits, such as the MOTM, 9700, Blacet, etc.

I understand that all these use the 10V/octave standard. Does this mean
that modules can be mixed and matched?

Money isn't a constraint, and I don't have a particular size of instrument
in mind: I intend to keep on building until it's finished (yeah, I know,
it never will be :-).

Also does anyone have any comments about the 9700's "many modules in one
module" approach? Is it useful or are truly discrete modules more flexible?

Finally (sorry for the number of questions), can anyboy recommend a decent
electronics shop in or near Redmond, Washington: I just moved to the area
and don't know it very well...



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