[sdiy] PUT source??

media.nai at rcn.com media.nai at rcn.com
Thu Aug 22 17:55:54 CEST 2002

>Who started this thread, anyway?

I did.  I had enough with decoupling op-amps :)

I came across an old PUT schematic while trying to condense things.  I also
found about 20 pounds of fax-back application notes.  I'm also starting to
wonder how many of these spare parts to I need.  Do I really need six
3340's in case my 101 breaks??  How about several sets of NOS Dynaco power
supply tubes??  Spare Mackie knobs in every color??  Was I expecting a
nuclear war??  How many different 12AX7's does one person need??  I even
forgot how to sort these things -- are diamonds on the bottom good or bad??
Mullard, Telefunken, GE, Sovtek -- if I dressed them up in little army
uniforms I could re-enact WWII.  Otoh, I could use hook-up wire in more
colors, more CMOS, more caps, more resistors, etc, etc, etc....

Does anyone want to buy a Carver Sonic Hologram Generator??  How about
Harmon-Kardon EQ??  Any interest in a four-foot pile of obsolete
Macintoshes??  A complete library of chemistry textbooks??  What about rare
books on rhododendrons and azaleas??  Does anyone know how to convert a
hall closet into an Einstein-Rosen bridge??

Next week I'm switching to decaf....

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