[sdiy] new CD / copyright for cover art

Rude 66 r.lekx at chello.nl
Thu Aug 22 14:16:05 CEST 2002

yes, but in reality, if you're doing small numbers, it won't matter that
much. it's the same with use of samples etc. if you only do a run of a few
hundred records on vinyl, no one cares. license it out to a big label, and
you have a problem..;-)


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> >I would certainly not just use a picture
> >as I find it, but alter it it in paintshop to fit my needs. Would this=20
> >infringe any copyrights?
> In a word: yes.
> To use it in any way, you need permission from the artist, or whoever owns
> the rights.
> Furthermore, to alter a piece of art, you need permission from the artist.
> /Jorgen

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