[sdiy] Tube Synth web page update

m.bareille at free.fr m.bareille at free.fr
Thu Aug 22 08:08:41 CEST 2002


It took me more than 3 month to produce pictures of my tube synth
based on Eric Barbour (for VCO/VCA) and Rene Schmitz (for the S&K VCF) 
schematics but i finaly find a way ... 

Also i have updated my web page with some informations and many pictures. 
Sounds will come soon... I have done plenty of them but they are not yet 
converted in mp3, and 24/96 is a bit wide for web up/download...

If you are interested by this kind of devices, the URL is 
http://m.bareille.free.fr  clic on the first synth picture in "The Rack" named  

Best Regards

Marc B.   

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