[sdiy] Re: Soundtracs

Ben bud_fts at bigpond.net.au
Thu Aug 22 04:47:34 CEST 2002

I've got a stereo plug on my CD player (line out socket from a Sony
Discman), to seperate L and R 1/4" jacks going to 2 seperate channels
on the desk. Each channel is panned to L and R respectively. All axillaries
are at 0, all eq is flat, phase is normal for both, and the channels are
assigned to the master L/R output section (not any of the groups). It could
be my misunderstanding of the matrix sends, I'm
not really sure. Has anyone had any experience with an MX desk and
could offer any tips?


> Hi Ben and all
> Maybe you're sending the _two_ channels of the CD to just _one_ balanced
> input of your mixer. It will cancel the mono information.
> If you're using two mixer channels, you may have a "Y" adapter cable
> with 3 stereo plugs. The effect is the same. Do it right, make a cable
> with 1 stereo plug (from CD) and 2 mono (to mixer).
> regards,
> Edu Silva
> http://audiolist.cjb.net

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