[sdiy] Alex sings Geddy with formant envelope synthesis?

harry harrybissell at prodigy.net
Thu Aug 22 04:24:27 CEST 2002

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Marc Jordan wrote:

> I just saw Rush in Houston & San Antonio & noticed that Alex was singing
> some backup vocals on the new Rush tunes. The cool thing was that I was
> hearing Geddy's voice. I doubt that he was just lip syncing because they've
> never been ashamed of or hid the fact that they trigger samples big time
> live.
> I'm guessing that they were running his voice through a DSP box that applied
> formant envelopes to approximate Geds vocal characteristics. Does anybody
> know if this is being done in real-time these days? I took a synth class a
> number of years ago and did some experiments with formant envelopes and you
> would be surprised how good they work. Probably good enough for background
> vocals in a loud-as-hell rock setting. I don't remember all the details of
> the computational complexity: a little bit of off-line FFT analysis of Ged's
> voice to build up the envelopes to store away, then live you'd have to FFT
> short bits of Al's vocals, apply the envelopes, then convert back to the
> time domain. Hardware is beefy enough these days to do it real-time I
> imagine. Heck, it's probably really not that much of a MIPs hog.
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