Partminer (was Re: [sdiy] More Damn chip IDs.)

Dave Magnuson resfreq at
Wed Aug 21 19:50:10 CEST 2002

At 01:09 AM 8/22/02 +0930, Batz Goodfortune wrote:

>I suggest this strategy though. Rather than trying to scan and PDF 
>everything in bulk, it would be more frugal to scan upon request or as the 
>need arises. Scan the stuff we each use the most as we use it and each new 
>thing we use (Even if it's old) as it crops up. Finally do requests (if 
>you've got 'em) and cool stuff as you think might be of interest. That way 
>no-one is bogged down in the process.
>But! Managing such an effort is another matter entirely. Just sorting 
>incoming data might be a pain and somewhat time consuming. I think that 
>would have to be a combined effort.

Actually, I've been doing this on my website for quite some time... 

Everytime I need a datasheet I locate it online and add it to my webpage.
This section of my site gets at least 100 hits a day, so some of you know
it's there :)

If anyone has scanned datasheets to donate, I'll add them... just email me
off-list.  Or if you think I should add something, let me know.

Dave Magnuson

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