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Wed Aug 21 09:40:09 CEST 2002

greg montalbano <greg.montalbano at> wrote:
What you say is true, seems like 10 people try to kill themselves to get the
info there first (c:  and I admit to being one of them.

I would love to host such an info tank, but alas, free webspace is usually
tiny or has annoying advertising requirements.

What I have done is to archive every data sheet I've ever downloaded.  I've
long taken the strategy that information on the internet is temporary, If you
see it today, get it today, it may be gone tomorrow.  The "list factor" takes
care of the fact that we all have somewhat different interests and keep only
what is currently and historically pertinenet to our own needs.  I have 21
megs of PDFs that pertain to parts I use regularly.  I also have an archive
of the majority of SDIY member's websites which also contain a fair number of
PDFs.  (the web site archive is just under 2 gigs now).

The problem is that none of us know when we will encounter a need for that
"odd" part we've never played with before, such as for a repair job. 
Although many of the parts suppliers also have free data sheets, PDFs for
those parts that are obsolete are unavailable from those sources.

We're all going to have to bear down and do the best we can.

>But, in  a way, don't we have that already?  It's called THE LIST (although 
>I do like your proposed name).  Whenever I've needed a datasheet I couldn't 
>find on the net, I've posted to the list & received MULTILPLE responses 
>same day;  have also had the privilege of providing old datasheets, 
>schematics & manuals to others on the list.  I think it's easier all around 
>this way;  no one has the burden & responsibility (& expense) of 
>maintaining what would be a VERY large site, and we all get to share 
>experience & expertise (something you CAN'T get from a poorly xeroxed 
>I've been making it a habit to copy & scan EVERYTHING I work with these 
>days (datasheets, service manuals, even dropping my synth circuit boards on 
>the scanner so I'll have decent digital records of them) -- I'm assuming 
>others on the list are doing the same.  As long as we keep making the info 
>freely available to each other, we don't need the humps at Partmucker.

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