Soundtracs MX Re: [sdiy] Re[2]: Behringer mixers...

Ben bud_fts at
Wed Aug 21 18:21:42 CEST 2002

Welp, I've finally got my new (old) Soundtracs MX series 32-8-2
desk home. So far so good, only 1 LED not working, and 1 slider
cap is missing. However, I'm a little confused about how it actually

I've just been playing some CD's through the line inputs, and the desk
seems to do something different to the sound. Vocals seem to disapear,
just leaving ghosted reverb tails, and distorted guitar sounds very "in your
face". Yes, I have checked the phase and eq settings (and bypassed the eq),
but to no avail. It doesn't sound bad, just doesn't sound "right". Can
offer any sugestions as to why I'm experiencing this?

I'm monitoring on a pair of Sennheiser HD265 linear's, with a consumer
Sony CD player.


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