[sdiy] matching discreete transistors can be so easy ...

Batz Goodfortune batzman at all-electric.com
Wed Aug 21 17:15:43 CEST 2002

Y-ellow Juergen 'n' all.

At 02:11 PM 8/21/02 +0000, jhaible at debitel.net wrote:
>... with one of these solderless breadboards.

>I've built the well-known Moog test circuit (basically a 100uA current 
>source), but
>instead of using a transitor test socket, I connected three flexible wires 
>and built
>a little probe with 3 contacts that can be plugged into the breadboard 
>to a transistor.

Juergen, that is brilliant! I was only thinking of this problem yesterday 
as it happens. Give the man a chocolate frog. Maybe I'll do a ladder filter 
after all for this TX7-in-a-box project. OK so Clean Harry the False One 
wouldn't like it but this is kick-ass. One of the reasons I don't do a lot 
of this kind of stuff is because it's just way too tedious for my brain to 
cope with. It tends to explode during these chores which can be quite 
distracting. Having to stop and clean up the mess now and then.

I think the world is a slightly better place with you having thought of that.

Be absolutely Icebox.

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