[sdiy] PUT source??

R.D. Hess metamaticdiy at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 21 16:54:30 CEST 2002

--- media.nai at rcn.com wrote:
> While unearthing piles of crap, I came across an old
> circuit using a
> "programmable unijunction transistor".  Does anyone
> sell a 2N6028??  Does
> it have a modern replacement??  Does anyone still
> use these things??

 Looks like Mouser stocks it, part # 610-2N6028. 

 What VCO circuit did you find? I remember Tom G.
publishing a PUT VCO schematic using a 2N6028, but he
said it was of fairly limited use, as it would only
scale for an octave or so.


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