[sdiy] Re: 3080---defunct?

Paul Maddox (QinetiQ) P.Maddox at signal.qinetiq.com
Wed Aug 21 14:59:30 CEST 2002


> There are some seriously good VCAs available - SSM2164,

yep, though sadly its not DC coupled, so scaleing of CVs is just not going
to happen..
The 3080 has much more use than as an Audio VCA....

> So, anyone know of a linear VCA or OTA which performs like a
> 21st century device and doesn't cost a fortune?  AD633?

Ive wondered about this one, in theory it ought to...
though I wish they did a damn DIL version!

> I can't see there being a problem with finding 3080s to keep
> old synths going.  Unlike specialist SSM and CEM stuff, 3080s
> are used in plenty of other non-synth stuff, and after being
> made for over thirty years there should be plenty spares out
> there for our modest needs.

the 3080 is a nice cheap DC coupled VCA, until someone finds something
better for the money, I'll keep useing em...


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