[sdiy] 2 more demos

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Wed Aug 21 07:43:43 CEST 2002

a) MOTM-410 Triple Resonant filter feeding MOTM-450 Fixed Filter bank. First half is just the
Filter Bank, second half engages the Triple Resonant filter. Single VCO in narrow pulse, driven
by Encore UEG.


b) Chaos feedback patch. No VCOs, EGs, VCAs or MIDI :) The MOTM-410 LFOs sweep the bandpass
filters, that in turn drive the Fixed Filter bank, which feeds back *into* the MOTM-410. As the 3
bandpass filters are swept, they align with corresponding peaks set in the Fixed Filter Bank. The
resultant *phase shift* causes oscillation. You can "play" the feedback by twiddling the LFO rate
and which fixed filters are 'in'. OK, it's wacky but 2 modules and 2 patchcords :)


Paul S.

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