[sdiy] Chamberlin?

Theo t.hogers at home.nl
Wed Aug 21 03:38:27 CEST 2002

Hi Proteus,
never seen you on the music-dsp list.
Why not join :)
There probably more pp there who have a copy of chamberlin's book handy then
here on SDIY.


From: The Proteus <proteus at ugwarehouse.org>

> All,
> In my recent dive into research, I've been looking through various
> sample rate conversion algos, specifically the one discussed towards the
> end of Chapter 14 in Chamberlin's "Musical Applications Of
> Microprocessors". I'm specifically interested in the filter function of
> 14-30(d) where a 13-point interpolation algorithm is used, and the filter
> impulse is the result of a standard sin(x)/x combined with a tailing
> function. Chamberlin notes that tailing functions are explained in Chapter
> 16, but when I go through Ch. 16, there's no mention of tailing functions
> whatsoever. I've got the second edition of the book, and I'm completely
> lost. All the other filter plots are too noisy, and doing any kind of
> filter analysis other than straight sin(x)/x impulse responses could be
> legally dangerous.
> If anyone has a copy of Chamberlin, I'd like to know where this
> is. I've read Chapter 16 several times, to no avail. My only other option
> is to contact Hal directly, and I don't want to bother him with simple
> things like this.
> Best Regards,
> Prot
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